COOKBOOK HEALTHY EATING:THE SUGAR-FREE COOKBOOK FOR CHILDREN:: More than 100 healthy recipes! Easy, quick and healthy cooking for Children and the whole family! Super tasty- super fast!



★★Do you want to finish cooking in a flash?★★

Would you like your children to eat the vegetables?

I know many things can take away the pleasure of cooking.

To help, I, as a long-time nutrition expert & grandmother, give away my best & fastest recipes, as well as helpful tips on healthy eating …

It is difficult to put the right thing in front of children.

Often they don’t like vegetables or just want chocolate and sugary treats … and if you want to cook something delicious, it takes manyhours …

Do you care about your diet and that of your child? Then you need this book!

It can quickly happen that you or your child consume enough vitamins or get the right nutrients. But especially children need them so that they can grow up and grow strong. That’s exactly what matters, especially at a young age and everyone wants their family to be well …

In this cookbook, I want to share with you the 100 best healthy and quick recipes for kids and the whole family. The title “THE SUGAR-FREE COOKBOOK FOR CHILDREN” is not for nothing, the recipes contain no added sugar and still taste great.

That’s why I wrote this family cookbook.

✓What you have from the book:

✓Healthy nutrition – simply explained

✓Delicious recipes for proper nutrition

✓Lots of great sugar-free recipes

✓Top dishes – whether vegetarian, with meat or fish

✓Lots of free time, thanks to short preparation times

✓Dozens of recipes from breakfast to dessert

✓Party recipes for the next children’s birthday party

Briefly about myself: I am a nutrition expert and an experienced cook who has been cooking for your children and grandchildren for a long time. I heard more and more what the children of other parents were being presented to and wondered: "Why so unhealthy?". I was shocked when I read that French fries and chocolate were at the top, so I decided to put all the healthy recipes that I had gathered over the years in one book. I made sure that you do not have to spend a lot of time in front of the oven! I am proud to present the cookbook to you!

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