Compressed Coco Fiber Substrate Reptile Bedding Chips (12 x 12 x 6 in, 11 lb)



This coco moss fiber liner is an ideal alternative to synthetic fibers as it is made of coco coir. Use the coconut substrate for snakes, plants, reptiles, or birds. Small birds such as finches, canaries, and budgies can use the fibers to build a cozy nest. Allergy notice: some people are allergic to coir; NOTE: This product contains coir

FOR SMALL ANIMALS: Natural coir is ideal bedding or terrarium moss for a wide variety of small pets such as a frog, snake, salamander, gerbil, hamster, and guinea pig
EASY TO CLEAN: Coir fiber is naturally bacteria and fungi resistant, simply rinse with water to clean
DUST FREE: Made from natural coco coir, coconut substrate is dust free and doesn’t have many particles allowing you to clean your pets cage or terrarium with ease
WHAT’S INCLUDED: Includes 1 11.02 pound (5kg) bag of loose coco fiber