Census Uncensored: The Complete Alpha-Male Harem Fantasy



Tag thought working for the Census would be boring…

…he just didn’t know what he would get stuck with!

When Tag’s girlfriend, Corrina, left him, he thought the best way to win her back would be to clean up his act. The first step was to get a job. Fortunately, Census Rochester isn’t the most choosy employer. Not choosy, but not all that classy, either. As Tag watches ‘Chip’ and ‘Sue’ explain in the training video how to enumerate his fellow citizens, he inadvertently stabs himself with something secretly taped under the old, surplus desk. Turns out, they’re syringes from some government lab no one has heard of. The physical transformation wasn’t the weirdest part of Tag’s first day on the job. That would probably be taken by the fact that he somehow now has the power to overcome any woman with an unbearable passion for him. Little does Tag know, while he’s busy ‘enumerating’ the hot, gorgeous, and extremely willing citizens of his local sorority and gentlemen’s club, another victim of the same mysterious syringes had decided that two of them with the same power is one too many. Can Tag’s sharp mind control the power before it’s too late?

What should Tag do? Well, what he’s definitely going to have to do something other than drooling over the hot celebrity spokeswoman for his employer long enough to avoid the sinister forces that are tracking him down!

Join Tag, his twit boss, Derek, and a large number of hot and desperate women, in an alpha-male harem fantasy that can thank biochemical research in this COMPLETE series from the author of The Magician’s Compendium and Vintage Clothing!