CCA C16 in-Ear Earphones HiFi Wired IEM Headset 8BA Units per Side with Detachable Cable (Blue,No Mic)



CCA C16 HiFi in Ear Headphones

Professional Balanced Armature
Balanced Armature
22955 Bass frequency
29689 Mid frequency
30095 high frequency

Product Name:CCA C16 In-ear Earphone
Weight: 35士3g
Impedance: 27Ω
Plug type: 3.5mm Gilded Plug (0.75mm 2 Pin connectors)
Drive unit: 8BA 6MM Tweeter
Cable conductor: 1.25 4N oxygen free copper plating silver
Whether with mic: No/with

▶Upgradable Cable Design:Assemble Bluetooth Module Switch To Bluetooth Earphone;Up to 10000+Plug and pull tests life is 12 times longerthan the average life ofordinary plug and pull earphones.
▶The integrated seamless Balanced Armature Carrier Reduces The Resonance effect on the cavity.the mid and high frequency balanced armature and bass frequency balanced armature are sounded through independent pipes’ interpret superior sound separating degree.
▶Zinc alloy face shell +imported PC Resin Cavity:The tough and exquisite design, the superior zinc alloy material,whether it is the feel or the look can stand the test of time.
▶Comfortable Wear Experience:The design of a custom-made cavity based on the shape of human auricle.Correct wearing can effectively isolate noise around 26db from the outside world.