Catchmaster Moth and Pantry Pest Trap: Two Packs of Two – Packaging may vary



Catchmaster 812SD Moth and Pantry Pest Trap!!

Household pests are more than just an unsightly nuisance; they can be major vectors of bacteria and viruses, not to mention the fact that they can destroy your foodstuffs when they enter your kitchen and pantry. With your health and safety in mind, Catchmaster brings you these super-effective, naturally activated moth traps that eradicate Indian meal moths, flour moths and most other food infesting moths.

Non-toxic and easily disposable, these traps use pheromone lures to capture and destroy moths for up to three months, keeping your pantry and food stores clean and free from the threat of bacterial and viral infection. Non-toxic, disposable, ready-to-use food and pantry moth traps This Trap will control the Indian Meal Moth, Tobacco Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth and Raisin Moth. Pheromone lure included, lasts for three months Contains two traps and two pheromone lures in protective packa Please refer to and follow the directions on the Catchmaster Moth Trap product label.

**Each pack contains two (2) traps, you will be receiving two (2) packs, totalling four (4) traps**

Non Toxic Glue Traps
Safe for Humans-Hazardous to moths!
Easy To Use