Candle Making Kit, Stainless Steel Pouring Pot, No Burn Handle, Arts and Craft Supplies for Adults, Kids, Large Melting Cup 900ml, 100 Cotton Wicks, 10 Bow Tie Clips, 100 Glue Dots




*_ Candles decorate the home, light every space, and make the home feel cozier. The only problem is, they don’t last forever and can be pricey. Every time you have to toss one away, it just feels wrong. You’re tired of having to throw away pricey candles. But you need one to keep the air in your home fragrant. You’re thinking of making your candles yourself, but you don’t know where to start.

**The Candle Making Pouring Pot Kit by COCOPIN is perfect for beginners and experienced candle makers alike.** **ERGONOMIC DESIGN
** Make the candle making process go more smoothly with the right tools for your new hobby. Our melting pot makes pouring candles a breeze with its large capacity. The container holds a generous amount of wax, so you don’t have to keep refilling and disrupting your creative process.
The handle of our melting pot is made of polypropylene material, giving it anti-scalding properties. It stays cool for easy handling so you can create your scented candles comfortably.

** Here’s a pouring pot you can use for different applications. It’s not only perfect for your candle-making hobby but also for other crafts, cooking projects, and coffee making.
A versatile item, this melting pot is a useful tool for making candies, melting chocolates, preparing custards, frothing milk, reheating delicate sauces, and even making soap! It can also be used to serve beverages and drinks.

ALL YOU NEED – Everything you need for your candle-making project is in this kit. It comes with a melting pot, 100 cotton candle wicks, 10 bow tie clips, 100 glue dots and a melting scoop.
STRONG & DURABLE – Don’t settle for aluminum pouring pots that warp. Our stainless steel melting pot holds heat well and lasts longer. The handle is made of PP material, protecting your hand from the heat.
IDEAL FOR STARTERS – If you’re new to arts and crafts, these candle making supplies will be very helpful. The kit comes with detailed instructions so you can easily make your scented candles.
SATISFACTION GURANTEED – We stand by the quality of all our products, so if you are not completely happy with your purchase, we will cover the cost and send you a new kit of your choice.