Camera Screen Protector 2 Pack Sony Alpha a7R III II A7R3 A7R2 Camera Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Sony Alpha a7R III II A7R3 A7R2, (ROAU-XJM2)



The process is divided into four steps: 1) cleaning your touch screen by using the green “1” (wet) and red “2” (dry) wipes. Touch ONLY the edges of the screen with your fingers since the oil from your fingers may cause problems. 2) remove dust from your touch screen with the blue “dust absorber” stickers. These are really sticky, and you should hold them only by the end or tab–not the middle. Use the straight stickers for the edges of your screen, and the round sticker for the main part of the screen. 3) (please see included diagram) separate the protective screen–the THICK screen, which will soon be applied to your touch screen–from the THIN protective layer. Hold on to the black tab and pull gently from one corner diagonally across to the opposite corner OR straight across if you’re really good with your hands. Now you have the solid screen protector ready to apply. Again, handle the screen ONLY by its edges, and place it carefully on your clean touch screen. As you apply GENTLE pressure to the surface of your touch screen protector, you will see the screen turn from gray to black, showing that contact has been made. 4) Wipe gently, using a SOFT cloth (not paper towels, since they can scratch) from the center outward until your new screen protector is attached completely to your touch screen. You now have protected your touch LCD screen from potential harm. Congratulations! Package Content: 2X Tempered Glass Film for Sony Alpha a7R III II A7R3 A7R2 Digital Camera. 2X Wet Cleaning Paper. 2X Dry Cleaning Paper. 2X Dust-absorber.

0.26mm thickness, 9H Hardness, HD special processed glass to ensure maximum protection, anti scratch and anti fingerprint.
Electrostatic adsorption makes it easy to install, Automatic adsorption after side alignment, No glue paste, easy to remove and replace.
Perfect compatible with Sony Alpha a7R III II A7R3 A7R2 Digital Camera touch screen.(2 pack)