BQLZR Multicolor German Style Bamboo Oboe Reeds Woodwind Instruments Accessories for Beginners Students Pack of 5



1.Every product has a unique Manufacturing Part Number label on the inner package that proves it has been qualified,which include Part Number,Model Number and inspection date information;
2.If you have any questions about the item,please provide us the Manufacturing Part Number for checking,your profits will be guaranteed.
3.Made of bamboo.
4.The reeds are designed for german style oboe.
5.Suitable for students, beginners and professional oboe players.

Color: Multicolor
Brand name: BQLZR
Material: Reed bamboo + metal
Size: 82 x 11.5mm/3.2 x 0.45 inch(L x W)
Weight: 40g

1 The hardness of the reed is divided into soft, medium and hard. The hardness of this product is medium hardness.
2 This is not recommended for beginners:
Beginners may not be able to blow the sound when they use it. They need to practice more and master the breath. Beginners should use a softer and harder reed.

Package Include:
5 x German Style Oboe Reeds

The reeds are designed for german style oboe. This is not recommended for beginners
Suitable for students and professional oboe players.