Biotech Odor Eliminator Spray – 500 ml – for Smelly Feet, Shoes, Clothes, Sport Equipment and Carpets by Game Over Sport



GAME OVER eliminates foul odors at source coming from footwear, sport equipment, carpets and clothes (sweat, humidity).

Game Over is not only about concealing bad smells. The product is formulated by our Canadian team to neutralize and destroy

bad odors without causing any damage to the treated surface. Perfect for athletes,

Game Over provides an efficient solution for sport gear & apparel hygiene.

Game Over is :

· pH7 or neutral- will not destroy or stain gear or clothing

· 100% Biodegradable- We support sustainable development

· Ecologo certified- It means among 20% of the most ecofriendly products.

This product can be used :

· In all shoes- sneakers, sandals, boots, sports shoes, hiking boots, dress shoes

· On gym outerwear, sports bra, tops, shorts, jackets, sports kits, socks etc..

· On sports gear: gloves, shin guards, jock straps, wraps, headbands, helmets, hats, gym bags, shoe bags

· Can also be used on carpets, car seats, couches, or curtains

Instructions :

1. Shake bottle

2. Spray Game Over in the affected area

3. Let it dry

For best and continued result, spray after every sports activity.

Bonus Tip: Before washing your clothes, Spray Game Over to remove embedded odors

Say goodbye to stinky feet. Perfect for shoes, clothes and sport equipment.
Easy to use; Spray directly on all surfaces to be treated and let stand a few hours.
Certified Ecologo, biodegradable and respectful of the environment, safe and Hypoallergenic for users.
Formulated and manufactured in America