BINSHUN Mens Sport Sandals Leather Outdoor Fisherman Athletics Hiking Shoes Beach Adustable Strap Water Sandal



Sandals Squeeze Your Feet?-Never! Straps to adjust fit both behind the heel and over the arch make it very easy to get comfortable right away and straps make it easy to adjust as they relax over time if necessary.
Airtight and Stuffy?-Look at it! this sandals made of soft leather, air holes, and unique design help to dry soon when getting them wet in the rain
Short Service Life?-No! Everywhere the leather is stitched to the shoe it is double-stitched, not singleļ¼ŒAll inside surfaces that are in contact with feet are smooth, soft, and finished nicely, with no rough spots anywhere to rub against the foot
Overweight and discomfort?- Take it easy! sandals for men have adequate heel thickness and MD midsole with a great performance of shock absorption, cushioning and stability