beyerdynamic BD491322 Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 600 Ohm Hi-Fi Headphone



Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 600 Ohm Hi-Fi Headphones are very light for their size and ensure a pleasant fit thanks to their carefully selected materials. The soft ear pads are made from breathable and skin-friendly velour, effectively keeping any build-up of heat away from your ears and allowing you to enjoy music for hours. The combination of comfortable headband and robust yokes made from aluminium ensures a comfortable fit and excellent stability. The DT 880 Edition sounds very neutral and relaxed. The bass reproduction penetrates very deeply but is not overstated. This feature is particularly appealing to lovers of jazz and classical music because it gives the headphones a really transparent sound and makes the individual components of the music clearly audible. Thanks to its semi-open design, the DT 880 Edition allows some ambient noise to penetrate and escape but attenuates it somewhat stronger than in the case of a fully open headphone such as the DT 990 Edition.

Neutral highs and bass tones and excellent spatial reproduction
Optimum wearing comfort, even when enjoying music for several hours