Beauty and the BOSS: Billionaire’s Obsession Series Complete Box Set



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If you love Billionaire bosses, feisty heroines, and forbidden romances, these five standalone novels are perfect for you!

Book One: Beauty and the Boss

I’m working for a man I can’t stand.

Actually, Luke Thorpe is more like a machine.

His irresistible body appears to be made of steel.

And he’s invincible.

Luke’s work ethic has made him a powerful billionaire.

But he’s also…  uptight and mean.

Everyone I know is scared of him.

Everyone except for me.

I step back when I find myself falling for him.

After going through a terrible ordeal, he’s the last person I should be with.

I need stability… a commitment.

His eyes say that he wants me.

And I’m tempted to believe them.

Am I about to make the biggest mistake of my life?

Book Two: Lawyer and the Boss

I thought I’d left him behind in high school.

Aiden was always hard to resist.

Bad boy with a chiseled chest to die for.

Now, years later…

He’s a billionaire.

And he rescues me from a bunch of rowdy men at a bar.

That incident should’ve been the end of it.

But now here I am… falling for him again.

And accepting his job offer.

This is a disaster.

How am I supposed to resist his charm when he’s my boss?

Book Three: Nanny and the Boss

Nanny for a hot single dad billionaire!

How did that happen?

When I accidentally hooked up with Brent Irvine in his private pool house, I thought I’d never see him again.

That night felt like a dream… but it was over in an instant.

Fast forward a few months.

I meet him again, but this time he isn’t just a man I can drool over.

He’s my boss and I’m hired to care for his 6-year old son.

I can’t afford to lose this job.

Which means that I need to keep my temptation in check.

Crawling into bed with him isn’t an option.

Even though every bone in my body screams of jealousy.

His mother hates me. He’s got a hot girlfriend.

And I know nothing about being a nanny.

It makes me crazy to think about him with someone else.

So, I have a choice to make.

I confess my feelings and risk losing my job.

Or… I watch him leave and let my heart shatter to pieces.

Book Four: Teacher and the Boss

I’m the brutal Mafia Boss that people fear.

They do as I say.

But she’s the woman I can’t control.

Claire teaches my niece at school.

I was obsessed the second I lay my eyes on her.

I wanted my hands all over her soft curves.

In my world, when I want something, I make it mine.

When she refused to privately tutor my niece,

I was left with only one option.

Kidnap her and bring her to my lakeside mansion.

She stays until my niece passes her test.

Claire hates me, but I see the warmth in her eyes.

She wants me as much as I crave her.

But I’m a man of my word.

I’ll let her go once the job is done.

Unless she herself decides to stay…  

Book Five: Innkeeper and the Boss

I have a rich spoiled brat for a boss… but not for long.

Meet Josh Sterling…. gorgeous, arrogant, rich as sin… heir to the Sterling Empire.

And now my new Boss.  

This is a collection of 5 full standalone romance novels. Get ready for these fun, emotional and forbidden romances that come with a guaranteed happily ever after and absolutely no cheating.