BBQ Grill Temperature Gauge Waterproof Large Face for Kamado Joe Barbecue Charcoal Grill Stainless Steel 150-900°F Cooking Thermometer for Oven Wood Stove Accessories Tool Set Up Easy (White)



This is a perfect product.The probe has a high sensitivity and uses a sealed probe to measure the temperature in the oven more accurately, making the oven’s most satisfying taste.With black base design, you can see the display temperature better even in the sun. Features: 100% new and high quality, can be used in machinery, chemical, textile, medical, barbecue and other industries of temperature measurement and control. Easily read temperature through the dial, with threaded and wing nuts, easy to install, double display: 50 degrees C to 500 degrees C and 150 degrees F to 900 degrees F,The base is not sharp, accurate, easy to use, antifogging glass

LARGE TEMPERATURE RANGE ☛ Enjoy your meat at a certain our range of 150°F to 900°F should easily accommodate your preferred doneness level.
WATERPROOF AND NO-FOG GLASS LENS ☛ The surface of the temperature gauge is waterproof and will not get foggy due to the heat so that you can read the temperature at any time you wish to do so
EXTREMELY ACCURATE READINGS ☛ Extra long stainless steel probe rod for accurate temperature readings and precisely measures internal temperatures of food with a quick 3 to 4 second response time
EASY TO INSTALL ☛ Screw thread and wing nut for easy mounting.Easy to install on your grill, oven or oven panel for convenient usage