Baby White Noise Machine Music soothers for Sleep: Lumipets Night Light Projector and Sound Machine Baby Soother Unicorn Stuffed Animal Baby Gifts




Help your little one drift off to dreamland with a LumiPets light and sound machine. Ideal for newborns, infants and toddlers, it plays 10 sounds and songs perfect for calming and comforting. Choose from Brahms Lullaby, Rock-a-Bye Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Mozart, white noise, gentle night rain, heartbeat, ocean waves, and rainforest sounds. Each song will play twice on auto loop mode (all the way through!), and songs can also be played on repeat.


The LumiPets sound machine is also a colorful night light that soothes babies to sleep and helps kids feel safe in the dark. Press the light button to project a beautiful moon and stars onto any wall or ceiling. Soft green, red and blue LED lights create the starry scene, which slowly moves and changes color to calm and captivate children as sleep sets in.


Moms and dads, we know you need rest, too! That’s why, unlike other models, LumiPets contain a cry sensor that activates after 5 seconds of crying to play soothing music or sounds and gently hush and shush a baby back to sleep all by itself. Everyone will be getting a good night’s sleep!


LumiPets were made to meet all your needs. Use the lights and/or sounds to soothe a fussy baby or create a calming nap or bedtime routine. Adjustable brightness controls and 3 volume levels allow you to customize the machine even more, and a small size makes it perfectly portable for wherever you go.


Kids will love this super-cute sleep companion! The plush stuffed animal features 100% polyester material and a rechargeable USB battery built in to eliminate the need for unsafe loose batteries. Separate 15 and 30 minute timers safely shut off the machine, and a secure strap lets you easily attach it to a crib or stroller.

– To Clean: Hand wash with cold water using a damp cloth

STAR PROJECTOR OR BABY CRIB MOBILE WITH LIGHT AND SOUND: The nursery nightlight projects a moon and starry night sky onto any wall or ceiling; the soft colors and slow moving projection provide a comforting, dreamlike atmosphere for sleeping
CRY SENSOR: LumiPets light and sound machines also work as a baby Soother by gently lulling babies back to sleep with calming sounds so parents can rest; sensors activate after 5 seconds of crying
VOLUME / BRIGHTNESS CONTROLS: Adjust the settings to create an ideal sleep environment for your infant or toddler; the portable sleep trainer / aid is perfect for travel and a great baby shower gift
SOFT & SAFE: A baby soother sound machine in the form of a cute unicorn stuffed animal, it can be placed in a crib or strapped to the side, is USB rechargeable and has 15 / 30 minute auto off timers