Armenian Duduk SPECIAL EDITION – YEREVAN 2800th birthday – handmade from ARMENIA with Playing Instruction – Oboe flute Balaban Woodwind Instrument Apricot Wood – Gift National case



We present to you the famous Armenian national woodwind musical instrument “DUDUK”. 
You have probably heard the wonderful sounds of the DUDUK in many Hollywood movies such as “Gladiator”.
One of the famous musicians playing on a wooden duduk is Djivan Gasparyan.  
Our duduks are made from high quality apricot wood , they are treated and tuned by the best masters. 
They are all handmade and new. 
 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We are always happy to answer and help our customers!  Low price and good service Please leave us your review and feedback on Amazon, it is very important for us 

Read Before Buying: We respect our customers and so we want to tell you that we create and sell These duduks for many years in Armenia, this product is Key A playable Duduk with nice sound (We have a video where you can listen to the sound, just tell us if you want to watch it) But This is NOT a professional duduk (you cannot find professional duduk by this price and near that)
Length: with reed ~ 17,7 inch (45cm) Instrument Key: A
Package includes: Duduk, 1 reed , Playing Instruction and gift national case
DO NOT tear off the leather part of Reed. The reed will stop being usable.