ANNIHILATE Folding Military Durable portable Shovel(Annihilate F-A1),Survival Gear for Camping,Hiking,Fishing,Gardening,Car Emergency,Outdoor Adventure,Off Road Motors,Designed Multi Tool to RV Owner,Survivalist and Prepper



Product description
ANNIHILATE Camping Shovel(Annihilate F-A1),It is designed and produced according to self-driving experiences of many experienced outdoor sports lovers and any kind of outdoor enthusiasts: Off-roading, 4-Wheeling, SUVing, Backpacking, Expeditionists, Tent Camping, Pop-up Camping, RV Camping, Cadets, Hikers, Hunters, Fisherman, Gardeners, Gold Digger, Motorcyclists.

Our F-A1 survival shovel is developed and manufactured by zune lotoo ,Our designer is a super military fans,also keen on outdoor adventure and camping,based on actual needs of yearly outdoor experience while thinking of beauty,F-A1 survival shovel is burning

Brand: Zune Lotoo
Type: Camping Shovels/Survival shovel(F-A1)
Shovel Material: High carbon steel
Handle Material: Aviation Aluminum
Color: Gun-Grey 
Process:  precision Foundry Technology
Hardness: HRC 48-53
Shovel specification:200mm × 150mm
Assembled length: 755mm

Bolt type conversion:
1, turn the handle counter lock wise to adjust the face angle
2.Threaded lock adjustment ,manual homing is solid and reliable
# Shovel head: Adopt Integrated Molding Technology(High carbon steel)
# Handle: made of aviation aluminum, Built-in anti-skid silicone handel,anodized surface and precsion CNC machine tool processing.
# Joint: Thickened, 10mm, can withstand big weight but does not break, more strong and stable. Each components is subjected to abutting joint strength test and flexibility test.
# Fire Starter: Made of Magnesium, easy to make fire.
# Whistle: Blow it when encounter danger or need help in outdoor. 
# Camera support: Screw-tightening, detachable, can match with digital camera and DSLR.

Sturdy & Durable This folding shovel is made of high-carbon steel which is high-strength and wear-resistant. It is a sturdy and durable entrenching shovel suitable to be used as camping shovel or hiking shovel. Each components of this shovel is subjected to abutting joint strength test and flexibility test. And assembled with the self-developed screw fasteners, which can rapidly lock the angle of the shovel.
Unique Design Annihilate F-A1 Triangle concave design, perfect for loose soil, break ice, grubbing. Reverse thread screw-in design, to avoiding loosen and hurt
Technology Sheet metal technology, made of improved high carbon steel, HRC 48-53.The handle is made of aviation aluminum, carved with diamond pattern for better anti-skip. Each components is subjected to abutting joint strength test and flexibility test.
Multifunctional Spade All-in-one Functions of Zune Lotoo shovel,Dig, Trench, Chip, Shield, Cut, Scale, Make Fire, Hammer, Climb, Case Opener etc. What a versatile hiking and camping tool for all outdoor lovers! For daily use, this entrenching shovel can also be used as garden shovel, self-defence tool.
Assemble shovel length 29.7 inch,Foldable, Small and Light