AGPTEK Cable Management Sleeve (59″ x 3.9″) Neoprene Adjustable Cable Sleeves for TV Computer Cable Management Sleeves for PC/Home Theater/Speaker Home Entertainment Center

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Product Description

cable management sleevecable management sleeve

Want a small cable sleeves for managing your cables?If you are looking for an attractive, affordable, and convenient cable management system, look no farther than this Cable Sleeve.

✔ AGPTEK 3.9″” Cable sleeve length, provide the most suitable cable management in your house!

—No More Messy Cables for Home/Office/Workshop:

The Cable Sleeve is a simple, convenient solution for managing all of the cables behind your TV / computer / Home Theater / Speaker, Flexible Cable Wrap, Cable Cover, Cable Organizer, Cords Management

—High-class Neoprene Material :

The Cable Sleeve is made from neoprene stretchy material which can stand up to plenty of wear and tear without being damaged and allow for multiple cables and flexibility, yet it can still be easily cut with scissors to get the perfect length to match your needs.

—Meet different length of cables:

The Sleeve is about 1.2 inches wide when closed, which allows you to put up to 3 or 4 cables inside the sleeve.That would turn that tangled, knotted mess of wires behind your desk into one organized group.

—Color kit:

Black/White reversible colors fit seamlessly and perfect for home or office use.

cable managementcable management

—Wide application:

ther solutions, like using tie-wraps or duct tape are annoyingly permanent, and can be very unsightly. By using to close the sleeve, it makes your wires easy to get to when needed.And by using a sleeve instead of ties, the wires look much more attractive.

—Product Dimensions: 59 x 3.9 inches.

Easy to use & Cuttable and expandable by yourself- the sleeve is 59 inches long and 3.9 inches wide, you can open and close it easily so that you can add or remove cables in a convenient manner. You can also create intermediate holes along the sleeve to run cable out where required.
Durable and allow for the combining of sleeve, which is helpful for larger cables. Really makes behind the computer or TV a beautiful site.
One sleeve double Colours. Reversible for 2 ways of installations, you can choose the white or black side as the visible to match your d馗or.
Great cable management tools for well organizing the messy cables and keep your home and office tidy and neat, enjoy a lovable living/working environment!