A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness



Take time to breathe. Take time to create. Take time to reflect, take time to let go. A book that’s unique in the way it mixes reading and doing, A Book That Takes Its Time is like a mindfulness retreat between two covers.

Created in partnership with Flow, the groundbreaking international magazine that celebrates creativity, beautiful illustration, a love of paper, and life’s little pleasures, A Book That Takes Its Time mixes articles, inspiring quotes, and what the editors call “goodies”—bound-in cards, mini-journals, stickers, posters, blank papers for collaging, and more—giving it a distinctly handcrafted, collectible feeling.

Read about the benefits of not multitasking, then turn to “The Joy of One Thing at a Time Notebook” tucked into the pages. After a short piece on the power of slowing down, fill in the designed notecards for a Beautiful Moments jar. Make a personal timeline. Learn the art of hand-lettering. Dig into your Beginner’s Mind. Embrace the art of quitting. Take the writing cure. And always smile. Move slowly and with intention through A Book That Takes Its Time, and discover that sweet place where life can be both thoughtful and playful.


From the Publisher

A Mindfulness Retreat Between Two Covers

A Book That Takes its Time is both a book about mindfulness and a book that literally inspires mindfulness. The book is filled with bound-in postcards, mini-journals, stickers, decorative papers for collaging, and many more surprises to encourage slowing down and appreciating the little things. These paper ‘goodies’ are interspersed with short readings, quotes, and poetry on mono-tasking, gratitude, journaling, and other topics for a more thoughtful life.

Move slowly and with intention through the pages, and discover that sweet place where life can be both thoughtful and playful.

Joy of One Thing at a Time notebook

A pull-out booklet full of illustrations and insights about focusing on one thing at a time, plus room to write. There are resolutions and tips to inspire you to jot down your intentions for paying careful attention, plus words of wisdom on the joy of doing nothing to conjure doodles or notes about a daydream.

Beautiful Moments Jar

Celebrate the everyday things that make you happy. Write them down on these perforated notecards, tear them out, and save them in a jar. Pull one out every now and again to revisit and cherish a moment.


How do you make a collage? You open your mind onto paper. Use your intuition as a guide and cut out whatever lovely images appeal to you, glue the clippings onto a cardstock foldout, then hang it up to inspire you.

What are your values? Spread

Throughout the book, write-in pages feature prompts to get you thinking and slow you down.