A Beauty of his Own: A Fairytale Retelling (Once Upon a Romance Book 2)



If there is one name synonymous with unlucky, it is Count Kristof Von Braun. His mother was evil, she attacked him with acid for saving his sister, and he lost the only woman he could ever love. Now, he must deal with an annoying man who has broken into his home. After taking the intruder prisoner, he becomes convinced that the scoundrel is the husband of his lost love. Surely, things can’t get any worse.

Hilde Fisher does not like her father, but he has protected her secret for eighteen years. When she receives word that he’s being held captive by the man who broke her heart, she feels honor-bound to help. As soon as she arrives to confront Kristof, her father’s jailer, she discovers the true reason for her lover’s refusal to see her all those years ago: she was the one responsible for ruining his life. Knowing she must correct her past mistakes, she begs Kristof to let her find a treatment to reduce his scarring.

He agrees to let her stay, and soon, both find themselves risking their hearts.

The second in the Once Upon a Romance Series, this is a wholesome, second-chance, re-telling of Beauty and the Beast written with a historical feel but accessible for the modern reader.