3 Pack Tersely Yoga Sports Headband, Men’s Sweatband, Women’s Elastic Athletic Hairband, Lightweight Working Out Headbands



✅ FEELS LIKE WEARING NOTHING – We get it. Comfortable solutions for controlling sweat are hard to find. Look no further. Once you wear our band, you’ll want to keep it on all the time. in fact, you really do forget you are wearing it. Lightweight with perfect one-size-fits-all technology to put very little pressure on your head while staying right where you put it. Feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all.
✅ VERSATILE AND WASHABLE- Whether you choose to wear your band around the home and under your hat, for exercise, hot yoga, sports, this is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of clothing you will ever own. Keeps it shape, cleans and air-drys easily, while doing the best job of keeping you dry and comfortable all day even during the most intense workout.The headband can be washed without any worries of shrinking or losing it’s color.
✅ STYLISH AND PRACTICAL – Tired of feeling like you are wearing a heavy piece of cloth on your forehead? Our not too tight, not too loose, perfect width design is much more comfortable than the traditional sweat bands. Soft and stretchy material is perfect for any kind of exercise or just a bad hair day; keeping you stylish even when you’re not working out.
✅ GREAT GIFT IDEA – Our one-size-fits-all band is great for everyone (yes, even the ladies). One customer even bought it for their 7 year old son to keep his hair out of his eyes during gymnastics. We all know someone who works out, plays ball, or loves a unique active wear look. Give them a gift they’ll love for years to come.