100 pcs Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Connectors White 24awg – 26awg Wire Connector Kit Electrical Waterproof Marine Automotive



If you are looking for durable, reliable and waterproof wire connectors for your home,
car, boat, computer, or anything else, then look no further because MONOLIT solder
seal waterproof electrical wire connectors are made especially for you!

Just heat these solder seal wire connectors and they will easily connect both sides
of the wires and seal them up to make a reliable waterproof connection.
The outer layer of connector tube is made from polymer that shrinks under the heat,
and two glue compound circles on both sides of a tube, which will seal the connection
and will make it waterproof. The inner layer is made from adhesive that flows inside
the connector tube and connects the wires with each other, providing solid and reliable
connection and protecting the wires from corrosion!

MONOLIT solder seal connectors will make your wire connection WATERPOOF just in seconds;
also it applies some mechanical damage protection and prevents wire corrosion!
Our connectors are an irreplaceable tool for fast, reliable and effective wire connection
in any place and are appreciated by handymen all over the world!

No one knows when they may come in handy, so
and make your wire connections waterproof, reliable and protected against the corrosion
and some mechanical damages!

– Shrink ratio 2:1
– Minimum recommended shrink temperature: 80°C / 176°F
– Minimum recommended solder melting temperature: 138°C / 280.4°F
– For best results we recommend the use a heat gun!
– No wire damage due to low shrink temperature
– Best shrink temperatures: 125°C – 130°C / 257°F – 266°F
– Wire heat shrink connectors are compliant with ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards.

Made from PREMIUM QUALITY polymer sleeve with hardened polyolefin walls on the outside and hot melt adhesive inside. Highly reliable butt connectors for 24, 26 AWG wire gauges.
JUST IMAGINE that you don’t need a soldering tool, you don’t need any rosin anymore and there is no need in extra isolation either! Solder seal electrical connectors for various wire gauges, from 24 to 26.
NEAT AND RELIABLE wire connection anywhere you need just in seconds: in your car, at home, at work, in your garage or trailer, working on your science project, fixing a wire in your computer or somewhere else! It is extremely easy with our solder seal wiring splice connector assortment set!
ORDER SOLDER SEAL ELECTRICAL WIRE CONNECTOR ASSORTMENT KIT NOW and start saving your time and effort! High quality of these cable connectors will make any job easier! Look at specifications below for more information.