100% Australian Grown Lions Mane Medicinal Mushroom (Includes mycelium) – 30 day supply



Lion’s Mane are a medicinal mushroom that have been proven to assist with nerve damage, cognitive degradation as well as depression and anxiety. THERE IS ALSO SOME RESEARCH TO SHOW THEY CAN REDUCE TUMOR GROWTH. Our Lion’s Mane mushrooms are grown AND DRIED IN AUSTRALIA. There is some amazing research that has been done on this incredible mushroom but until now the only commercially available Lion’s Mane was imported. Our Lion’s Mane is dried at a very low temperature to ensure maximum potency. Great value – 50g dried = 500g fresh No fillers. No additives. No sweeteners. 100% Australian-grown and dried Lions Mane. Add one or two teaspoons to tea, food or have with water. “In my scientific opinion, mushroom products not incorporating mycelium are at a decided disadvantage” – Paul Stamets (Renowned Mushroom Expert)