1/4"HP Rotary Tool Flex Shaft Hanging Grinder Carver Electric Multi-function Metalworking Tools Repair Kit, Foot Pedal Control, 780W Strong Power, Metal Flexible Shaft, 23000 RPM



Flex Shaft Grinder Carver Rotary Tool Features:

Load Power: 780W

Chuck range: 0.4-6.5mm

There is a screw on the pedal to adjust the constant speed and rotating speed

Multi-use rotary tool for cutting, sanding, polishing, drilling, burr removal and more

Electronic pedals design ensure safety and prevent heat and leakage of electricity.

Metal Flexible shaft features good extension for precision work. Soft, durable and heat-resistant, ensures long lasting service time.

Pakcage list:

1x Chuck key

3x Wool felt

2x Carbon brush

10x Sanding bands

3x Sanding disc

9x Grinding heads

2x Sanding tape connect rod

1x Slice rod

1x Flex Shaft Grinder

1x Foot Control Pedal


Our package included accessories is a simple set. If you want to grind/carve different materials, you need to get more accessories by yourself according to your need. Thanks for your understanding.

The much powerful 780W motor turns bits at speeds ranging from 500 to 23000 RPM, delivering the performance you need for numerous tasks.
Some practical attachments included in the set come in handy for cutting, drilling, polishing, deburring, metalworking and more.
A sturdy metal flexible shaft is included so that you can use a bit on an object and leave your other hand free to turn the object as you work.
6.5mm diameter handle. Ideal for precision accurate work. Excellent for carving, buffing, drilling, polishing, sanding, cutting, cleaning, finishing, adding textures, repairing, industrial art and reaching small spaces as well as delicate areas.