(30 Pcs)Moana Inspired Cupcake Toppers Moana Cupcake Toppers Birthday Party Decoration Boat Sail Swirls Hooks Hawaiian Flower Leaves for Tropical Luau Summer Party Baby Shower Wedding



🌷🌺🌴🍍🥝🌵You can use these cupcake toppers at your kid’s Moana themed birthday party.
🌷🌺🌴🍍🥝🌵The cupcakes decorated with these were a beautiful complement to your birthday cake display.

🌷🌺🌴🍍🥝🌵The five designs are really cute as also the colors,you will be very happy with the purchase.
Notes:🌷🌺🌴🍍🥝🌵Not edible.This topper is not double sided.Children should be careful with bamboo sticks
🌷🌺🌴🍍🥝🌵Due to computer resolution, sunlight, indoor lighting and other factors,there might be a little color difference.

🌷🌺🌴🍍🥝🌵Fast Amazon logistics and 100% refund service.Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

🌺Moana Inspired Cupcake Toppers : Made of high quality card stock, well printed, adorable design and beautiful color. Glitter card stock,very well made and sturdy.They will come out so cute for your party!
🌴Moana Cupcake Toppers: Package of 30,include 5 swirls,5 flowers,5 leaves,5 hooks,5 boat sails,5 sharks. Easy to decorate cupcakes for a birthday buffet.
🌵Swirls size 1.9″width, 4.7″Height. Boat sail size 1.9″width, 4.7″Height. Flower size 1.9″width, 5.3″Height. Leaf size 1.6″width, 4.7″Height. Hooks size 0.9″width, 4.7″Height.
🍍This Glitter cutie topper is perfect for a kids birthday party,they make your cupcakes look great! An awesome party supplies for your luau Hawaiian jungle tropical themed party or your birthday party.
🥝Fast Amazon logistics and 100% refund service.If you have any questions with products, you can have a 100% refund.